boutique creative studio specialising in memorable branding & illustration, where fun is never forgotten 

a boutique creative studio specialising
in memorable branding & illustration, where fun is never forgotten 

brand identity

Branding is A LOT more than just a logo, it's an entire identity suite that sets your brand apart from everyone else. My main focus when designing memorable branding is making sure everything is cohesive and unique, hand-crafted logos and illustrated elements are my thing! Creating a brand with personality and soul is really important for making impactful connections with your audience.

My branding packages typically consist of —Primary & secondary logo, brand marks/icons, alternative logos, favicon, typography, colour palette, brand patterns/illustrations, image curation, style guide, and lots more good stuff!


website design

I use Showit, Squarespace and Shopify for building websites, all platforms are amazing & each have their unique advantages — but I ultimately choose the platform based on what your business needs. I love getting creative with web design while also making sure that everything is super easy to navigate! Having a professionally designed website will create more overall brand recognition.

Your website is one of the most important assets to have as a business because it's 100% yours, unlike social media where things are changing and can be unpredictable. It's important to have a website that fully aligns with your brand.


brand strategy

This goes hand in hand with visual identity, it’s an essential part of crafting a solid brand that’s aligned with your business goals and values. My brand strategy sessions roughly take 2 hours via Zoom, where we do a deep dive into your business goals, ideal target audience, brand messaging, competitor analysis, demographics & psychographics, your uniqueness and lots more!

You will then get a 30+ page brand carryall containing tangible results to help you make any business decisions. It's a super valuable service with an efficient & enjoyable process, to make sure that you get the most out of the experience.



My custom illustration services are super flexible and can range from branded icon sets to fully detailed artwork. All of my illustrations are drawn digitally using Procreate on an iPad, this allows me to make changes & move things easily!

Here’s a few examples of illustration based projects that I'd LOVE to take on — illustrated packaging, advertisements, poster art, website illustrations, picture books, surface pattern design, postcards, movie posters, magazine and book cover art. I'm also super keen to work with designers who specialise in other areas than me but are in need of some illustration work for their own clients!



There’s a lot more to packaging design than it may seem, but it's one of my favourites! So many things need to be done right to ensure that the packaging not only stands out but needs to function effectively. At the heart of all memorable packaging is a good balance of originality, practicality, and soul.

Packaging can be super customisable and fun, this is where creativity can really come alive! In saying that, it’s really important to me that all materials used throughout the process are as ethically sourced as possible. I like to research and help my clients find sustainable options that are kinder to the environment.


social media

I can help you put a social media plan in place by creating a strategy that will keep your posts consistent and cohesive across all platforms. Consistency is key for creating a strong online presence, this is important because it helps grow your audience, engagement and reach. It’s also important to be authentic when sharing, creating genuine connections with your audience is super valuable.

Some social media services that I offer are — Posting schedules, branded Canva templates, feed themes, content pillars, hashtag strategy, custom story filters, gif packs, story stickers, content ideas/suggestions and a launch strategy!


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hey, i'm jade!

I’m the gal who runs this biz and so happy to see your face here! I believe I was put on this earth to create impactful design, while making this world a lil more colourful along the way! I love working with like-minded people who aren’t afraid to stand out and do things a little differently!

design fairy, dog mum, daydreamer

i care about..

making a real impact




One of the most important values for me is making a positive impact on the environment. This will always be reflected in the way I work as well — from helping my clients find more sustainable packaging options to coming up with new, more eco-conscious ways of running a business (not just design related either).

creating unique work




There are many ways to create both a beautiful and memorable brand, but for me originality is at the very top of the list. Absolutely no cookie cutter design going on around here! One of my favourite parts about designing a stand-out brand is creating the logo and custom illustrations by hand from scratch.

There are many ways to create both a beautiful and memorable brand, but for me originality
is at the very top of the list. Absolutely no cookie cutter design going on around here! One of my favourite parts about designing a stand-out brand is creating the logo and custom illustrations by hand from scratch.

being kind to all




I am naturally a very compassionate and sensitive human being, so I care deeply about people and animals (probably animals a lil bit more though let's be honest haha). Being kind to everyone is really important to me and I'd love to work with people who have a similar mindset!

already feel like this is meant to be?

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